Solo Travel-Friendly Places

If you travel, you don’t go to places that might endanger your life and property. Solo travelers are more prone to become victims of scammers and bad people because they are perceived as hapless and vulnerable. However, one can enjoy the joys of solo-traveling by careful choosing the place they visit. Here are 3 places that are solo travel-friendly.


Japan is number one in my list. It has a low crime rate with 0.6% of violent crime including murder rate. With very low violent crime incidence, one can walk alone even in late nights and still feel safe. There is also a culture of class, respect and nice anywhere you go. People may look shy but once you ask for help, they’re willing to go out of their way to help. Since English is not widely used, one may have a hard time communicating but there are people who are specially trained to help out travelers. Security guards in all train stations speak English although not so fluent and they’ll assist one who is lost and even telling him where the English speaking stores are. Female solo travelers won’t have a hard time finding female only accommodations as there are accommodations with one block dedicated to only females. Drivers in Japan are also among the safest drivers in the world and one can feel safe riding an overnight bus. If you want to do your first out-of-the country solo travel, make Japan your first and feel safe and enjoy the experience to the max.

New Zealand

If the budget is small and you want a cheap place to go, New Zealand ranks top in my list. You can hire a cheap car or motorbike for a solo drive around. There are a lot of cheap options for hotels or lodges and campsites have affordable sleep over rate while enjoying New Zealand’s beautiful outdoor sceneries. While it is cheap, New Zealand is also safe with people who are down to earth and accommodating. It seems a tradition for Kiwi people to welcome travelers as their own guests and if you’re lost or stuck in a place, they can give free hitch ride or a room in their house. New Zealand is famous for its breathtaking nature. It is the location of movies like Lord of the Ring and if you want to be something like a wandering hobbit, give it a visit and enjoy a safe solo travel.


No crime, the transport system is fantastic and you can go hiking the remote area with no problem at all. This is how solo travel friendly Switzerland is. It is in general a place to go if you want real alone time. Strolling the cities give up-close encounter to Europe’s old glory days. There are churches, water towers and beautiful bridges and lakes reminding you of fairytales. It offers a lot of adventures for solo travelers like shopping, paragliding, and rafting, tandem sky -diving and bungee jumping. If you want a place that could serve well your playfulness, Switzerland is the place to go for a dream solo adventure.

Solo traveling is becoming a trend and you can catch up if you go and travel to these places.

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