Interesting factors that affect our air quality

The quality of air greatly affects the quality of life. As climate change becomes more of a serious threat nowadays, environmental monitoring has played a vital role in helping Australians make a conscious effort to reduce their negative impact on our planet. While Australia and most of its cities enjoy better air quality than in other countries, air pollution is still a major concern. Environmental Justice Australia notes that “almost 5,000 Australians die from exposure to air pollution each year.” Others suffer from stroke, heart disease, and asthma.

Aussies think of air quality today as something essential that one would go as far as asking “Is there an air quality monitor near me?” While the Government is taking important steps to improve its laws in protecting the environment, citizens are also reminded to be conscious of the factors that contribute to air pollution and how this can be made better.


It’s an obvious fact that gets overlooked very often – driving is a leading cause of air pollution. Air quality analyzers installed in major cities show that motor vehicle emissions are a major factor. In an article from Allianz on air pollution and health, 75 percent of air pollution comes from motor vehicles. This is further exacerbated by cars that have very poor exhaust emissions. Some ways to lessen the impact is to use public transport, ride a bike, or walk if your destination is not very far from your location.

Burning rubbish

Today’s generation of Aussies may no longer remember this, but there was a time when burning trash in concrete incinerators was commonplace. These used to be a staple in every backyard and homeowners would usually burn their trash on this chimney-like structure. Burning rubbish has been considered highly toxic and dangerous leading to its ban in the 1980s. Today it is rarely practiced as environmental monitoring improved over the decades.


The Australian continent is a giant desert mixed with lush forests. These characteristics make the country vulnerable to dust storms and bushfires. In 2020 alone, states like Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales have been ravaged by dust storms and a deadly bushfire that destroyed communities. When these types of calamities strike, air quality plummets, forcing people to wear N95 masks to filter dangerous PM2.5 particles. This has also prompted the public to invest in their own environmental monitoring devices. Whilst the country generally enjoys good air quality, the circumstances make Aussies more cautious and prepared.

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