Embarking Your First Solo Travel? Here’s How I Did It

Doing things on your own gives you a different kind of self-fulfillment. It gives a feeling you’re some kind of a person who can do things without the help of others. There’s nothing wrong being helped by friends and families but when you do things independently, it makes you more proud of the achievements .It’s really a great self-esteem booster. When I decided to live independently, I did the house hunting alone as well as decorating and furnishing my little first abode. It wasn’t that great but something was born out of it. It drove me to embark a solo travel.

I have friends and there are many times we travel together. There’s so much fun, yes but I felt there’s also so much restrictions on what I can do and how far I can go. Then the idea of traveling solo popped in. I’ve done it the first time, then the second time and now I consider my self someone who gets the best out of my solo travels. I called my self a certified solo traveler and either I am qualified or not, here are my few thoughts on embarking your first solo travel.

Local attractions

When I did my first attempt to go on a solo travel, I did not go farther. There was this great museum that is a few hours travel from where I live. The museum has a day tour and a lecture hour to learn more of the arts and artifacts on display. I spent half a day enjoying the arts and was educated on artists I never thought have inspiring life. A fellow solo traveler never thought a great author’s home is just nearby and when he visited it as a solo traveler, he swore the experience was a life-changing one. That’s when he finds traveling solo more rewarding.

Go where your heart is

Do you love tropical islands? Do you dream of a long week-end beach experience? It is important that the place is what you want to go or aspiring to go. It really makes a big difference when you see and experience things that you really love.

Make a budget for it

Don’t go without a budget no matter how small or restricted. There’s always something to pay or to spend to when traveling so have something on your pocket. Don’t go in expensive hotels or restaurants with little budget and learn to go about on just how much you can afford.

Ask for recommendations and tips on destinations

If your friends have done solo traveling, ask for recommendations and tips. First hand information is much better than what is in the net. It will help you avoid doing things that could put you in bad situations.

Pack and live light

Don’t burden yourself with bringing stuff that you could buy when in the destination. Traveling is always packing light. Add to this is living light which means staying away from complicated activities. And always put your safety at high priority.

I love traveling. It gives me sense of self-fulfillment and when I do it solo or alone, the more I push myself beyond my limitations.

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